Tribute to Keith Pace Sensei - 5th Dan Goju Ryu Karate

With the utmost Sadness and respect Broseley Goju Kan mark the passing of Sensei Keith Pace 1950 to 2007.

Keith trained under Gary Spiers for many years until Gary started the applied karate association and Keith became a member of the IMAF (international martial arts federation). Keith was graded 5th Dan Goju Ryu karate by Kuniyuki Kai sensei.

Keith was a founder member of the San Gan Kai karate club, originally started in Ellesmere Port in 1973 as Moreton Karate Club, training in a number of locations before settling in its final home in Moreton Methodist Church , Moreton in 1978.

San Gan Kai means ‘school of three principles'

Keith Pace Sensei trained Max Beddow Sensei to third Dan Goju Ryu. Never taking anything at face value his insight and wisdom where inspirational and provided the motivation that lead Max Beddow and some friends to the creation of Broseley Goju Kan. With insistence of the highest standards Keith graded many members of Broseley Goju Kan to black belt and beyond.

As a mark of respect to Keith Broseley Goju Kan continues to run the San Gan Kai karate club as a black belt only club in addition to the regular training sessions of Broseley Goju Kan. San Gan Kai sessions explore and question the kata, techniques, and methods found in Goju Ryu karate in order to identify the reality of what works and to find new or hidden applications.

Sensei Keith Pace – 5th Dan Goju Ryu Karate – An inspiration sadly missed…