(Combining Kata, Kihon, and Kumite)

Broseley Goju Kan often practice a training technique referred to as ‘Tracking. Tracking allows the Karateka to practice all the basic moves of Karate on a live target. Good Tracking will provide the link between Kihon, Kata, and Kumite. As the karateka becomes more experienced they are able to employ different stances and transitional moves (found within the Kata) in order to maintain an effective fighting distances.

Although the partner in tracking essential provides the target, they will often perform a strike or kicking technique to illustrate against the attacker where the attacker is seen to be weak in their guards or stances. The opponent / target will move backwards maintaining a good Sanchin stance. This backward movement is at a steady pace for the lower grades, but is varied at higher grades to allow the variations of stances and techniques and to practice their constantly maintaining a fighting distance.
Tracking is always performed at a level to suit the lower grade of the pairing, with the level of contact and intensity of the attacks increased with experience and where higher grades are paired together. However at all levels the attacker must ensure that their techniques contact the target, no techniques is wasted, and no technique is practiced to miss.

The videos below illustrate the principles of tracking and how it is practiced regularly within Broseley Goju Kan.  Instruction and explanations by Max Beddow,  demonstrations performed by Peter Gibson, Patrick Beddow, and Gavin Jones.

Tracking Demonstrations Part 1

Tracking Demonstrations Part 2