(Pushing Hands Exercises)

Kakie (commonly referred to as pushing hands) is a two person training drill suitable for Karateka at all levels of experience. The intention is that the two Karateka work together in developing the softer side of Goju Ryu Karate. The Karateka develops increased sensitivity to the moves of their partner, faster reflexes, learns how to apply leverage, improves timing, achieves close control and co-ordination, and understands the importance of arm and body positioning. Kakie promotes the practices of deflecting, grabbing, arm bars, wrist locks, take downs etc, all of which can be seen to be extensions of the basic Kakie motion.
The true aspect of Go-Ju (hard and soft) is experienced with Kakie where the natural instinct to meet force with force has to be overcome and a forceful attack needs to be meet with softer, circular, more deflective techniques, using the force of the attack against the attacker. The increased sensitivity learnt allows the Karateka to feel the direction and strength of a partner's intention and react to counter.
Kakie has been an established practice within martial arts for centuries, but has become left evident in some regions and styles of self defence. Broseley Goju Kan practice Kakie on a regular basis at all grades, and will often practice blindfold to increase the reliance on maintaining good contact and sensing the muscle tension and movement of the opponent.

The videos below illustrate the principles of Kakie and how it is practiced regularly within Broseley Goju Kan.  Instruction and explanations by Max Beddow,  demonstrations performed by Gavin Jones and Norman Carter.

Kakie Demonstration