Kihon Means Basic, or Fundamental and refers to the basic techniques used to make up the Kihon Kata. Broseley Goju Kan practice Kihon Kata continuously at all grades to ensure sound basics and good techniques are maintained as the foundation throughout the club. There are six Kihon Kata practiced by Broseley Goju Kan. In addition to the execution of effective techniques, the practice of Kihon Kata allows the Karateka to focus on and practice the correct stances, posture and breathing.

The last (sixth) Kihon Kata is Kihon San. Kihon San incorporates all of the stances and techniques taught in the other Kihon kata as wellas some new and technically challenging techniques. Additional Techniques include:

Mawashi Geri (roundhouse kick)
Kekomi Yoko Geri (Side thrust kick)
Haito Uchi (Ridge hand strike)
Nukite (Spear-hand strike)
Juji uke (Cross block)

Broseley Goju Kan teach Kihon San Kata around 7th-6th Kyu depending on the abilities of the Karateka

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