Kihon Means Basic, or Fundamental and refers to the basic techniques used to make up the Kihon Kata. Broseley Goju Kan practice Kihon Kata continuously at all grades to ensure sound basics and good techniques are maintained as the foundation throughout the club. There are six Kihon Kata practiced by Broseley Goju Kan. In addition to the execution of effective techniques, the practice of Kihon Kata allows the Karateka to focus on and practice the correct stances, posture and breathing.

Kihon Kata follow a similar pattern of footwork (except Kihon San) making for easier introduction to the lower grades.

The second Kihon Kata is Kihon Ni. Like Kihon Ichi this Kata practices turning and movement is eight directions (left, right, forward, backward, and the four diagonals) in order to prepare the karateka to react to attack in any direction. The kata is made up of the same two stances as Kihon Ichi, both Zenkutsu Dachi and Sanchin Dachi. However, as well as the two techniques (Gedan Barai and Jordan Tsuki) found in Kihon Ichi, Kihon Ni introduces a kekomi mae geri (front thrusting kick) in the transition from Zenkutsu Dachi to Sanchin Dachi.

Kihon Ni builds on the principles of Kihon Ichi by introducing the karateka to kicking techniques and associated fighting distances and in using a kicking technique as a means of transitioning from long to short fighting distances.

Broseley Goju Kan teach Kihon Ni immediate from 10th Kyu

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