Goju Kata

The principles and techniques of Goju Ryu are hidden within the Goju kata. Beyond the basic techniques that are first taught to the beginner many hidden techniques are contained that are only unlocked as the karateka's experience grows. These hidden techniques are virtually limitless and the karateka is always learning, regardless of the level they obtain. Kata techniques are applied in a more pratical sense in the bunkai Kumite or kata analysis.

Goju Ryu is formed from 12 kata listed in the table below as the Goju Kata.
In addition Broseley Goju Kan still practice the five Kihon (or basic) kata. These ensure that good fundamentals are continuously practiced.

A Video Clip of a member of Broseley Koju Kan performing the kata and a description of each kata is provided on the kata pages below. It should be recognised that Broseley Koju Kan do not claim the video clips as showing either perfect form or execution of each kata, this is a matter for the recognised masters of the Goju ryu system.

Kihon Kata
Kihon Ichi     Kake    
Kihon Ni     Mawashi    
Gedan     Kihon San    
Goju Kata
Sanchin     Shisochin    
Gekisai Ichi     Sepai    
Gekisai Ni     Kururunfa    
Saifa     Sesan    
Seiyunchin     Suparinpei    
Sanseru     Tensho