Gadan Kata forms one of the six basic or 'Kihon' Kata's. Kihon Means Basic, or Fundamental and refers to the basic techniques used to make up the Kihon Kata. Broseley Goju Kan practice Kihon Kata continuously at all grades to ensure sound basics and good techniques are maintained as the foundation throughout the club. There are six Kihon Kata practiced by Broseley Goju Kan. In addition to the execution of effective techniques, the practice of Kihon Kata allows the Karateka to focus on and practice the correct stances, posture and breathing.

Kihon Kata follow a similar pattern of footwork (except Kihon San) making for easier introduction to the lower grades.

The third Kihon Kata taught at Broseley Goju Kan is Gedan Kata. This Kata is performed much like Kihon Ichi but ends a move early compared to Kihon Ichi (no front left diagonal) and is performed entirely in Shiko Dachi (straddle leg stance). The same Gedan Barai is used to block but the punch is now aimed Chudan with the arm extended just below the horizontal. The kata introduces Shiko Dachi and the skill required to transition this stance whilst maintaining a level posture and culminating in a solid stance.

Broseley Goju Kan teach Gedan around 9th - 8th Kyu depending on the abilities of the Karateka

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