The origin of the Makiwara is believed by most to be from Okinawa (given the ealiest references found) making the use of such equipment in Hojo Undo intrinsically linked to training of karateka with to Goju Ryu system.

The Makiwara is a striking post designed to toughen the striking points of the practitioner and increase confidence in delivering hard and effective strikes to an opponent. There are various designed of Makiwara but most typically consist of a post with a padded striking area positioned to simulate various strike points on the opponent and to allow the practice of different techniques. The Makiwara is a very versatile tool, allowing the karateka to practive both open and closed hand techniques, striking with various parts of the hand or foot, elbows, knee strikes, striking from various angles, and strikes focuses against venerable areas of the opponent (such as eyes or throat).

It is vitally important to build up power and resistance on the Makiwara gradually through regular use and to ensure that no long term or lasting damage is sustained by overdoing either the us or intensity of training on the Makiwara.

The essence of training with the Makiwara is to allow the karateka to practice their focus and to concentration their strength at the moment of impact, which is virtually impossible to achieve without practising on a striking post, with posture and technique continuously developed and improved.

Examples of the various types of Makiwara and exercises performed with the Makiwara can be found in the book 'Fighting Strength - Effective Power Training for Combat' available from Mona Books at: