Hojo Undo

An integral part of Okinawan Karate and Goju Ryu is the regular practice of Hojo Undo or Supplementary Exercise. Hojo Undo involves physical exercise and use of training equipment to condition the body of the karateka. Hojo undo develops physical strength, stamina, muscle coordination, speed, and posture. The exercises practices regularly by Broseley Goju Kan use traditional equipment manufacturered using traditional methods by members of the club.
Hojo Undo should be practiced consistently and regularly to develop the benefits of Hojo Undo. Karateka should gradually extend themselves, working hard, but according to individual limits and with overdoing the practise and risking injury.
A range of weights are provided to suit individual levels, abilities, and builds of the invidual Karateka. Always choose a piece of equipment appropriate to your level and use repetition to develop the body rather than few repetitons exertion with heavier equipment.

Some of the equipment used regularly by Broseley Goju Kan and some detail on training techniques are provided by the links below.

Chishi (Weighted Lever)   Ishi Sashi (Stone Padlocks)
Makiwara (Striking post)   Nigiri game (Gripping Jars)
Kongoken (Iron Ring)   Tan (Barbell)
Makiage Kigu (wrist roller )   Hand Pins (Hand Weights)
Tekkan (Iron Rings/Bracelets)   Belt Training
Ishi Chishi (Double Handed Chishi)