Around 1993, a young man was seeking information and books on Goju Ryu in a martial arts shop in Shrewsbury, Shropshire. The shop was owned by Frank Johnson 4th Dan Wado Ryu, who was a friend of Keith Pace. As a consequence of the conversation that day and after further visits to the shop, the young man, Max Beddow, from Broseley, made contact with Keith Pace who invited Max to visit his San Gan Kai Dojo in Morton on the Wirral.

One evening shortly after that, Max and his brother Roger, and Roger’s girlfriend Julie, travelled to Keith’s dojo in Morton, a round trip of about 180 miles. That night they began, like all those mentioned above, their own journey on the path of training in Goju Ryu karate. The year was 1994, and twelve months, and a considerable number of miles later, Broseley Goju Kan was established.

The Shropshire home of Goju Ryu traditional karate.



From Left to Right: Roger Beddow, Max Beddow, Sensei Keith Pace.