Much detailed research is available today on the origins of karate and there are a number of eminently skilled martial artists who have not only reached the very highest levels of attainment in their chosen styles but have also gained an in-depth knowledge of karate's history. They are far more qualified than I to talk on the subject. Therefore for the purposes of this site the following succinct account is intended to do no more than plot the development of Goju Ryu from it's beginning to the way it is practised in Broseley today.

Goju Ryu karate emerged from a lifetime of training and study by an Okinawan master named Chojun Miyagi, but the bedrock of this martial art was formed many years before the influence of Master Miyagi.

Nearly one hundred and forty years ago a young Okinawan named Kanryo Higaonna set out from his native land destined for Fuzhou in China seeking knowledge of the martial arts. The year was 1867, and he was fifteen years of age. He undertook training from a famous Fuzhou martial artist called Ryu Ryu Ko, who studied the fighting arts of southern China.