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Fighting Strength, Effective Power Training for Combat

Written by Max Beddow and endorsed by Terry O'Neill (8th Dan Shotokan).


Over 300 photo's and text give you all you need to know on power training for Karate. Terry O Neill 8th dan Shotokan  gives the foreword to this book.

Contents include:

Hojo undo introduction, Hojo undo and combat, Body conditioning, koko undo (breathing exercises) Tan, Nigiri game, Kongoken,

Makiwara, Ishi sashi, Chishi, ishi chishi, Belt training, tekken, makiage, sandbag

144 pages Paperback


Broseley Goju Kan

The club book details the first 12 years of Broseley Goju Kan and is an achieve of the clubs conception to the present day.
Written by Max Beddow and Mike Jones with contributions from club Members and benefactors.


  • History of Broseley Goju Kan and Linerage to Okinawa
  • Training Terchniques and Equipment
  • Grading Days
  • Reviews and Experiences of Club Memebers
  • Original Artwork (by Max Beddow)

Price: £8.00


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